VEC Member

Members on the San Diego Veterans Employment Committee (SDVEC) are committed to leadership excellence as veterans’ employment advocates by addressing veterans’ employment and training opportunities and concerns. Membership is open to veterans’ organizations, including PVA, County Veterans Service officers, American Legion, VFW, DAV, AMVETS, FRA, UVC, and Veterans Advisory Council. In addition, membership is open to all veterans and concerned individuals desiring to articipate, assist, and promote veterans employment activities.

Special Membership is also open to all organizations and individuals interested in veteran’s concerns, especially organizations and agencies providing services to veterans, such as employment and training agencies, and other interested persons. The VEC Membership Committee will review each application for the special expertise of potential members and then present at a regularly scheduled committee meeting for a vote.

General Membership Qualifications: A person’s status as a veteran shall automatically qualify them for membership. Representative status in a qualified organization automatically qualifies.

Responsibilities of SDVEC members include:

  1. Regular attendance and active participation in meetings.
  2. Being alert to job opportunities for veterans.
  3. Helping to promote job openings for veterans through contact with employers, business associates, fraternal groups, etc.
  4. Volunteer to serve on employment related committees, panels, and councils to ensure that veterans and vegan’s issues are considered in the public.
  5. Keep organizations updated and informed about employment related activities.
  6. Become familiar with EDD field office procedures and veteran program staff.
  7. It is important for all members to attend meetings on a regular basis so they may share and receive updated information on issues that affect veteran employment.

Click here to download the membership application.