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The SDVEC membership is comprised of many governmental and non-governmental agencies. Visit the Affiliation page for details.

SDVEC Committee May 2016


Objectives of the Veteran Employment Committee of San Diego County


Provide a “clearinghouse” for questions, complaints and recommendations concerning effectiveness of employment services available to veterans and eligible persons at the local level.

Encourage employers from the public and private sectors to list job openings with local EDD offices and participate in employment programs.

Publicize the importance and advantages of hiring, training and retraining qualified veteran and emphasize EDD’s priority services to veterans.

Encourage organized veterans’ groups and individuals to report all job openings to EDD field offices.

Form action committees to review local veterans employment issues and submit recommendations and comments on position papers to appropriate entities.

Assist individuals or organizations who may have questions, complaints, suggestions or recommendations on the employment services being provided to veterans by EDD.

Prepare grant requests to veterans’ organizations and public and private sector organizations for funding and in-kind donations to use for transportation, tools licenses, job interviews, job fairs, “Veteran Appreciation Month” activities, etc. as appropriate.

Confer regularly with field office managers and/or staff on policy matters.

Review departmental operating procedures as they apply to veteran and notify field office mangers of infringements or violations.

Assist field offices in developing jobs by encouraging employers (through PICs, EACs, etc.) to use EDD.

Initiate and prepare solutions which will promote legislative action to augment and support needed services to veterans.